Rome cooking school

Learn about Italian life, past and present, as you enjoy incredible, fresh flavours. You don’t have to be a passionate cook to enjoy this experience! The classes are small so that they can be relaxed and informal. People can have ‘hands on’ if they want, or they can sit and watch if they prefer. Most people usually do a mixture of both. There is time for questions and discussion during class, and the dishes prepared come from many Italian regions, not just Rome, using the fresh produce in season. A balance is kept between food for dinner parties, and interesting quick dishes to prepare for more informal meals. It is authentic Italian food, based on good ingredients, not fussy, designer food.

It is possible to do a 2 or 3 day class or, if you have very limited free time, a 1 day class can sometimes be arranged.

Market tours and eating !

 Steal a day from the classical sites and art treasures to visit the food market and get a feeling for the ‘real’ Rome, then back to the kitchen to sample, cook, eat and drink.

Dates for 2013

18 – 22 March   1 – 5 April,    6 – 10 May,    3 – 7 June,  1-5 and 22 – 26 July

23 – 27 September,   21 – 25 October,   11 – 15 November, 16 – 20 December

The course

Only 8 guests are accepted for the course, and participants are free to arrange their own flights and hotel reservations, although a list of near-by different category hotels will be sent on request.

Classes take place Monday, Thursday and Friday from 10.30 to 2.30, Tuesday 10.0 with a Market visit before class and Wednesday 6.00pm so that people can have a free day for the Vatican or some other day visit. Lunch will consist of food prepared in class, local specialities and wine. Each morning we discuss a theme like dry versus fresh pasta, which rice to use for different risotto and choosing and storing olive oil. Sample Dishes

Deep fried zucchini flowers in yeast batter, Linguine with tuna, lemon and rocket, Baked pasta timballo, Pesto sauce, Tagliolini with smoked salmon and cream, Asparagus Risotto, Chicken with black olives and fennel seeds, Veal with artichokes, Pork with fennel and orange, Stuffed, baked mussels, Octopus salad, Sweet ricotta fritters, Panna Cotta and lots more.

Please note that we only use seasonal produce in the cooking school, therefore the dishes vary depending on the time of year

1, 2 and 3 days Courses € 200 euros per day (subject to availability)

For Enquiries and/or Reservations please contact us at

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