Fish Zephyrs with Zucchini sauces

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In Italy fish is usually served very simply so nothing interferes with the natural flavour of very fresh fish. “Sa di mare” is the most complimentary epithet, but the recipe given below is an elegant dish that can be used as a starter or main course.

Fish Zephyrs  with Zucchini sauces

(Involtini di sogliola)

6 fillets sole, skinned, or other flat white fish

250g fresh salmon

1 egg white

200 ml cream

Fresh dill (optional)

Black pepper and salt

In a food processor pound the salmon to a smooth paste then add the egg white and season to taste. Gradually beat in the cream and a little chopped dill if available. Put this mousseline in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Lightly oil 6 small moulds and line the sides with the fish fillets, keeping the most attractive side outwards.

Stuff the centre with the salmon mixture and smooth it over the top of the mould. Cover with lightly greased paper and then cover with silver foil, pressing it in tightly over the rim of the mould.

Cook for 20 minutes in a moderate oven, standing the moulds in a baking tin containing boiling water. After the moulds are cooked let them stand for 5 minutes before turning out but first drain the liquid that has formed during cooking.

Zucchini Sauce

300g zucchini

Black pepper and salt

A little good quality olive oil

Lightly steam the zucchini so that they stay a good green.

Purèe to a smooth sauce, season to taste and add enough

olive oil to make the sauce flow.


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