Symi – food. wine and swimming

I have just returned from the June gastronomic adventure in Symi, Greece. For a glorious nine days we were hedonists, swimming each morning in an incredibly translucent, turquoise sea, sampling chilled white wines and cooking and eating local dishes flavoured with mint and dill. Breakfasts began with thick, creamy yoghourt eaten with figs or local honey, then off by water taxi to the unspoiled beaches away from the harbour. We returned by boat for a late lunch at one of our  favourite tavernas, Tolis at Pedi. His  good house wine slipped down with amazing ease and we soon gave up ordering a half -litre carafe.

We had an interesting, innovative dinner at Mythos and later enjoyed a fascinating ‘hands-on’ lesson with chef/owner Stavros. We cooked in the evening when we felt like it, and ate in the garden with a range of Greek wines. Wakie had bought some interesting bottles from Rhodes and I had ordered a case of Sauvignon Blanc and my favourite Assyrtiko from Santorini.

We over-reached ourselves when we accepted the 6 kilo snapper, proudly brought to us from the fishing boats. I had asked for three orate, each weighing about 800 grms., but it seemed churlish to reject the magnificent specimen which Pandora struggled to carry up the steps. It was very lucky that Ross turned out to be skilled with the kitchen knife because the fish came intact with all its scales and innards. I cheated and cooked my favourite Italian Acqua Pazza, then we made Greek fish soup and fillets marinaded in garlic, lemon and dill. Some of the group found it so delicious they finished it for breakfast on the last day.

I usually feel very sad on the final morning when I look back from the ferry but this year I knew I would be back in September to repeat the week.

Symi havengezicht


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