Antonio el Bailarin

Antonio el Bailarin

Last month after Marrakech I flew to Seville with Joe and Dallas for a magical few days in Seville. Spain was my first love until my ‘cheating heart’ discovered Italy. When I was a shy, inhibited schoolgirl I was somehow included in a theatre visit to see the great flamenco dancer Antonio Ruiz Soler, known as Antonio el Bailarin. The sensual, pulsing rhythm, the hypnotic clicking of the fingers and the harsh, strident voices singing of impossible loves and devastating tragedies overwhelmed me and when Antonio stalked on stage to dance the zapateado the erotic energy was like a body blow.
Over the years I visited Spain many times but my love affair with Italy distracted me.
Last month the old enchantment came to life as we wandered through the narrow streets, stopping for a glass of manzilla and tapas as we shopped for shoes, leather and terracotta cooking pots. I am planning to put in an Andalusian gourmet adventure next April after, but independent of, Marrakech, and I am going to visit to set it all up this October. Let me know if anyone would like to join me, a sort of travel chef’s table.


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