Budapest – Queen of the Danube


Last year I visited Budapest for good, inexpensive dental care. The dental care was excellent and I fell in love with the city. Now I look forward to visiting the dentist !

The ‘Queen of the Danube’ is  a beautiful city with a fascinating history. She enjoyed a glittering life under the Hapsburgs and the buildings show the best of Baroque, Neo-classical and Art Nouveau architecture. The magnificent Chain Bridge, built in 1849, links hilly Buda to fashionable Pest and the Castle district is a Unesco World Heritage site. The natural hot springs enjoyed by the Romans were developed under Ottoman rule and today the many lovely, Liberty style spas add their touch of glamour.


After the grim Soviet years Budapest has enjoyed a Renaissance and Hungarian wines are coming into their own as enthusiastic local wine-makers, with some international investment, are developing an exciting range of wines, far removed  from the Bulls Blood era. The famous sweet tokai region is producing dry white wines and I love the wines from Lake Balatan.  In the Central Market Hall the choice is inspiring and the succulent mangalica pig has been coaxed back from near-extinction.


The multi-cultured heritage leads to an exciting restaurant scene and historic coffee-houses offer a bewildering range of pastries

Preliminary Programme for October 4 – 9 2015
We will stay in the historic, 5 star Corinthia hotel, restored after its heroic part in the 1956 uprising. The first day’s programme starts with a welcome lunch so please arrive with an early flight

Included in the week – actual days to be decided later

1 breakfast lesson, 1 baking lesson and 1 cooking lesson with lunch

 A wine tasting with food

A culinary walk, taking in Grand Central Marlet

3 special dinners in my favourite restaurants
A  private dinner at a lovely, traditional Jewish home with explanations and recipes

Optional extras to be chosen later when the dates have been locked in:

A visit to the Szechenyi spa

A visit to Dohany Synagogue, the largest in Europe

A visit to the Royal Opera House and a tour of the Castle district

Drinks and discussion about  life in Communist era and 1956 with a local historian who lived through it

Half day visit to the Hapsburg palace at Godollo

Price 2500

Budapest Central Market

Budapest Central Market


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