March News

Since my last newsletter my life has been first, a whirlwind of activity, then secondly, a very boring, immobile existence, stretched out on a couch alla Elizabeth Barrett, with no dynamic Robert Browning in sight. At the beginning of February I flew to India to choose hotels, and set up the programme for next year’s final Indian adventure, moving every two days to try to get the most out of my rushed itinerary. While I was there I signed up for a relaxing Ayuvedic massage, as I do every year, but this time I had an unlucky experience with an obviously untrained masseuse. I should have clambered off the couch after the first few minutes but it is difficult to be commanding when you are only wearing disposable massage thongs! I contented myself with asking her not to touch my hands or vulnerable right foot. She obviously over-compensated on the other foot, and in the morning I was in pain when I tried to walk. I carried on for the last two days, but back in Italy, a scan revealed a lesion in my Achilles tendon. Now I am having daily laser and ultrasound treatments, with strict instructions to use my crutches when I have to move around. Very frustrating.

Spring has come to Ferentino but I have to delegate the gardening, shopping and cleaning, and shut my eyes to the winter damage. Cooking is a problem on crutches, and all the local trattorias seem to have treacherous steps at the entrance. Still I console myself with imagining the weight I must be losing ! Of course balancing on the scales is too demanding.

I am travelling in my imagination as I book the aceito balsamico tasting for May, and I can almost smell the wild oregano drifting down from the hills in Sifnos as I plan pottery visits with Ronia. When I watched the BBC team running from burning stones spewing from Etna I remembered how in times of volcanic activity flights have to be diverted to Palermo. In October we are flying into Catania and out of Palermo so I hope Etna will be taking a rest.

When I am more mobile, after Brexit and other catastrophes, I will write another more ‘newsy’ letter.

Gourmet Adventures for 2017

Bologna and nearby Cities –      Full

Some spaces still available for :

Sifnos, Greece  –  June 17 – 24

Sicily –   October 1 – 9

Ciociaria – October 13 –  20


I will not be taking firm bookings until August but please let me know now if you are interested in one or two parts, as places are very limited. Priority will be given to returning visitors.


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